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Raising the Bar: Music City Crawler

If you’ve been downtown around the very popular Broadway area, you’ve seen it. It’s as if they are holding their own parade AND powering the vehicle themselves. The music's playing. People are laughing, taking selfies, and waving to their adoring fans.

You witnessed a celebration of some sort on the Country Music Crawler. But in case you missed it earlier - THEY ARE POWERING THE VEHICLE THEMSELVES*. AND THEY LOVE IT.

Voted Nashville’s #1 attraction, this pedal bar is the brainchild of the Pizzitolas, both retired from the Army. Before it’s inception, Susan was working downtown and noticed other similar party bars. Susan says, “Myself and a few other employees initially joked about buying one. I had never ever rode one. And one day I made it a reality and never looked back, it has been a great experience and more fun than I imagined.”

Since 2015, the red, white, and blue crawler has carried a myriad of people from the waterfront to several stops along the way to popular bar spots in and around the Broadway area.

On the front page of their website, it reads: “No matter what you call us, Pub Crawler, Pedal Bar, Party Bike, Beer Bike, Pedal Party, Bar Cycle or Pedal Pub, we are your mobile party on wheels.”


You and your group not only get a personal bartender, cups, ice, and music provided. However, the backs on the seats (which Susan says are for safety) are worth the price of admission alone. The rest is an added bonus.

When asked what she thought made their bar unique in a city that has a few options, Susan felt they stood out because of their status as a locally, family-owned and operated business. While that detail does give them the potential to have a leg up, their ability to go above and beyond for their customers will do it. They have accommodated those in wheelchairs and service animals. “We are very personal with our customers and our business partners,” Susan writes.

Special discounts Country Music Crawler offers:

  • Veterans - Free

  • Brides - Free

  • Pets - Free

  • Senior Citizens - 10% off

  • Teachers - 10% off

  • Firefighters - 10% off

Coming this Spring, a new bike will be revealed, and it will have some squealing with joy.

(Hint: “My colors are ‘Blush’ and Bashful.’”)

Whether you and your crew want to see Nashville in a whole new way and (get a bit of exercise) or you are celebrating a special event, you will want to book a ride on the Music City Crawler. Hurry, though! They book up fast! And if you happen to get Otis as your driver, be sure to tell him I sent you!

Facebook: Instagram: @MusicCityCrawler

**Please note: while nothing would please Susan and her crew more than to host your child's birthday party, to the nature of this particular attraction, all attendees must be 21+. That doesn't mean your party can't involve costumes. I have it on good authority there was once an entire party dressed as Batman.

Photo courtesy of Country Music Crawler

*According to the website, the party pub is a, "... pedal and electric assist operated beer bike."

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