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Nashville’s Newest Nightclub: The Southern Turf Club

Nashville’s newest nightclub will officially open its doors Wednesday, October 18 (2023) — just a few blocks over from the world-famous honky-tonks on Lower Broadway. The Southern Turf Club is located on the 4th floor of the historic Southern Turf Building, which is also home to Skull’s Rainbow Room and the Sinatra Bar & Lounge at 222 Fourth Avenue North (in Printer's Alley).

Guests will feel like they are taking a step back in time to the actual saloon that occupied that space in the late 1800’s — minus the gambling parlor and bordello. The original Southern Turf was perhaps the most opulent saloon in the area of downtown Nashville that was known as the Gentlemen’s Quarter.

Bill Miller, Southern Turf Club Owner & Icon Entertainment CEO

The Southern Turf Club owner, Bill Miller, and his Icon Entertainment Group spent the past couple years collecting the 18th century museum-quality artifacts and antiques that adorn the dimly-lit interior. Miller says, "The Southern Turf Saloon was a very lavish space filled with European antiques, bronzes, and fancy paintings... we wanted to give people an idea of what those incredible saloons of the day were like."

The first thing people will see when exiting the elevator is an ornately carved wooden bench that was once owned by 17th century English poet John Milton (author of Paradise Lost ). Other unique pieces include paintings; a hand-carved wall from a 1700’s Scottish pub; leather-bound books (including works of Shakespeare); and blue apothecary jars that were once used for storing hashish, cocaine, and cannabis. The room has vintage Oriental rugs and four fireplaces that are over 100 years old. Behind the bar (and for display only) is a quart-size bottle of unopened Rip Van Winkle bourbon that was purchased for $35,000.

The Southern Turf Club is membership-based, but will be open to the public depending on availability. The hours are 4 PM to midnight, 7 days a week.

Photography by Laurel Moore


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