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Samantha Grasso


Samantha, also known as Sami, a wandering spirit, had an opportunity for a new adventure in  Nashville, a city she had never even visited, so she seized the moment. Little did she know that this city would soon steal her heart and make her and her family put some roots down.  As a foodie down to her core, she was wowed by the diverse food scene that Music City has to offer. There is not a dish she won't try and Nashville has enough tasty bites to last her a lifetime! This social butterfly can be found making friends and connections all throughout Nashville, usually with a fork or a drink in her hand!  Food is her love language and believes amazing things can come from a conversation between friends, family and even strangers around a table set with delicious food and accompanied by tasty libations. 

Sami's hopes to continue to share her love for this city and its culinary scene through her writing as well as with her soon to be open company, The Blind Bite, an exclusive high end dining experience featuring Nashville's top chefs. 

Follow her on instagram at to see what is going on in Nashville and watch as her company grows. 

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