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Protein Powder...What you do not want.

There's no doubt that protein powder shakes can make for a great and quick meal replacement or pick me up after a work out - but do you know exactly what is in your powder? It may be time to take a closer look at what is in your supplements that you may not be aware of.

Recently I have been made aware that certain "filler" ingredients come standard in lots of protein that you may pick up at your local grocery store. Number one filler that I look out for is soy. Soy can be great in small doses but eventually it will mess up your hormone balance whether you are a guy or a gal. I advise to steer clear of soy in any protein powder especially if you making a protein shake daily. The second one I avoid is artificial colors and any sweeteners. If it's fake you don't want it. And instead of trusting a sweetener you don't know anything about try using honey, a natural maple syrup or a agave based sweetener. The easiest way I have found trust worth protein powders is by ordering online, that way you can find exactly what you done - and what you don't want!

Written by Carmyn Isabella for Live Laugh Love Nashville

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