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Essential Oils

Essential oils. Do they really live up to the attention they have received the past few years? I have always been someone drawn to natural remedies before taking over the counter medications, so when I started hearing about essential oils, my interest was piqued. I heard about them through friends and then at work and everyone I talked to was so passionate about the products they had been using, so I decided to do some research and ended up ordering a few...I was instantly hooked. First, I ordered a diffuser for my office at work, because my office is in the gym at an all boys school. As you can imagine, the smell of sweat creeps in, so I was merely trying to mask the smell! Then, I ordered one for my bedroom because I was having trouble sleeping. I had heard that diffusing oils promotes restful sleep, so I figured I would give it a shot, and found it to be so helpful.

Here is a list of my favorite oils and how I use them (in no particular order). Just remember, consistency is key!

*Always be sure to read your label before ingesting or placing on your skin. Some oils are only to be used in a diffuser!

1. Peppermint: works wonders on bug bites. I rub directly on the bite and the itching stops instantly (you will smell like a giant mint haha)! Some peppermint oil can also be taken internally, which aids in digestion and promotes clear breathing. Peppermint oil aids with alertness, so I have found it helpful to diffuse when I need to focus!

2. Vetiver: definitely a favorite. The smell is smoky, woody, and has caramel notes-- it’s amazing. Rub it on the bottom of your feet before bed to promote restful sleep or diffuse it. I have found that diffusing it at night with lavender is calming and helps reduce anxiety.

3. Lavender: extremely popular for its calming effects. I love adding a couple drops to my pillowcase before bed-- I fall asleep so quickly! You can also rub it on the bottom of your feet to promote restful sleep. Have problem skin? Lavender can be helpful in fighting acne or eczema.

4. Citrus Bliss (a DoTerra specific blend, but most brands have some version of it!): it is one of my favorites to diffuse in my kitchen or while I am cleaning, because it smells so clean and fresh! It also has energizing and refreshing properties, so I have found it helpful to diffuse on my busy work days.

6.Cedarwood: a new favorite for sure! Cedarwood is known to promote a relaxing environment. I love diffusing it before bed with a couple drops of lavender and/or vetiver. Since it promotes a relaxing environment, I also enjoy diffusing it in my office on my stressful days.

7.Wintergreen: has a warming effect, which makes it great for massaging on sore muscles or in a bath. It also has an uplifting aroma, which can be nice in a diffuser. *Can cause skin sensitivity-- a little goes a long way! Be careful.

8. Fennel: has a very unique smell, and if you do not like the scent of licorice, this is not for you! It promotes healthy digestion, a healthy respiratory system, and helps reduce sweet tooth cravings. I like to add a drop under my tongue when I am trying to avoid sweets, or drop it in my water or tea to promote a healthy digestive and respiratory system. After a big meal, I add it to water or hot tea to soothe my stomach.

Written by Amanda Dreher for Live Laugh Love Nashville

Editors Note: While attending the Southern Women's Show here in Nashville, I stumbled upon a company called Lunamy that sells Essential Oils. Lunamy is not located in Nashville, however many of their soaps are made in Columbia, TN by members of their family. I choose to support this company because I personally am not a fan of the large companies that try to push a membership. Lunamy is individually owned and they create their own products. So take a look at their website and see if they are a good fit for you.

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