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How to Sneak Veggies Into Your Diet

Lately I have noticed that my vegetable intake has been low. I think it's for a couple of reasons - 1 that veggies don't always taste great (I prefer mine smothered in butter and cheese) and 2 that veggies are not all that convenient. So I've been trying to figure out ways to sneak veggies into food I already eat to see if I can trick myself into eating more. If you also struggle with eating your greens then pay close attention. The easiest way is to add greens in through powdered veggies - if you have never heard of powdered greens it is a supplement that you add to protein shakes. One of my favorites is Isagenix Greens. You can order powdered greens online or get some at your local supplement store.

My next go to has been spinach. I love spinach because it goes with cheese and it's soooo easy! We either buy big tubs of fresh spinach or compact frozen packs of spinach (Aldis has compact spinach that is great bang for your buck). I blend spinach into smoothies, scramble it with eggs, throw a handful into a crockpot dish and - my personal favorite - sautee it with garlic and add it it to mac n cheese or pasta.

Lastly I will get bags of frozen veggies and will add them with baked chicken, soup (homemade or store bought), crockpot dishes, eggs, etc. The frozen food isle has great selections that are categorized based on what they are good with, think "soup blend", definitely give it a try!

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