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Photographer Showcase: Rick Montgomery

My earliest memories of photography start with the Polaroid. The pop when one of the five bulbs in the flash bar went off. The distinctive sound of when the picture was ejected. Waiting and watching as the picture developed before our eyes.[1] A little later, we had a camera you had to load with film. Wind it in by hand. Rewind it when you were done. (Or was that only Blockbuster videos?) To get the film developed you had to either go to the fancy shop in the mall or one of those tiny buildings in various parking lots of shopping centers where you’d drop it off, then return somewhere around three weeks later to pick up the finished photos.

Olan Mills was one of the many go-to professional photography studios. There was also Sears and JCPenney. With all the lights, props, and random assortment of backgrounds, the studios seemed very fancy and glamorous. I wanted to be a photographer.[2]

Because I do have a love for photography, when I get the chance to meet a photographer whose work rivals any of the celebrity names we all know, I want everyone within the sound of my voice to have the same opportunity to experience his or her art like no other.[3]

Nashville, if you’ve not yet had the pleasure, meet Rick Montgomery. It doesn’t take long to see how much talent and passion goes into every photo he takes.

For Rick, his memories of photography start extremely early in life. His father always had a variety of SLRs around and let Rick use them. The first brand new camera he received was a Christmas gift – a KODAK Disc camera. [4] He would later also acquire is father’s Nikon FG. And the ability to capture a single moment always at his fingertips.

In junior high, Rick found himself with another photographer-in-the-making, Greg[5], “…doing cool things like popping water balloons in dark closets to get a photograph of the water bursting out.”

In high school, Rick was on the yearbook staff. He took his cumulative experience with him to college where he served as the historian of his fraternity. He’d learned how to shoot exclusively in manual mode. How to develop film in the dark room. How to transfer slide film. As photography changed and progressed, so did Rick.

After attending Lipscomb University[6], Rick married his college sweetheart, Sheila, and also started working for HCA IT&S. While working and raising their children, Ashton and Carter, photography stayed close by. His idol growing up was Ansel Adams which further inspired him to get out and see the world.

The Montgomery family loved traveling. They have a deep passion for mission work and have made several trips with their church. They also spent over a week hiking and exploring Yellowstone. He tells me a good beach trip is always welcomed. Rick describes his key interests in photography broad. He enjoys photographing places, of course, but also people. It’s about being in the moment to capture an expression or memory.

One of the first things I noticed when looking at Rick’s work on Instagram is his love of sunsets. He admits he has a deep passion for capturing the most beautiful sunsets Middle Tennessee has to offer. Side bar: You may have seen some of Rick’s work and not realized it as he is the exclusive photographer for a select group of real estate agents in the Nashville area.

Rick and Sheila’s children are grown-up now.[7] Having something of an empty nest, save for their sweet dog, Paisley [8], he’s taken his photography to the next level. Not only can you contact him to set up a photography session, he is also selling prints of his work. You have the choice of either a studio-quality print or aluminum. With categories such as Sunrise, Sunset, Nashville, and Weather, you are bound to find the perfect piece of art for your home (or office!). In his spare time, Rick enjoys reading historical fiction – anything that transports the reader to another time. He and the family are huge Predators and Titans fans. They’ve held season tickets since the Titans came to Nashville.

Rick Montgomery has captured the heart and soul that is Nashville and Middle Tennessee. His art and name is sure to be recognizable as Adams, Leibovitz, or Lange.[9] Thank you, Rick, for sharing with us the world as you see it through your lens.

Find Rick's website here.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook.


[1] Do not shake it to make it develop faster.

[2] I did it. First at Sears and then later at Olan Mills.

[3] So to speak.

[4] If you don’t remember these cameras, Google them.

[5] Rick and Greg are still best friends.

[6] They attended when it was named David Lipscomb University.

[7] Both children are also connected to Lipscomb University. Ashton graduated with her nursing degree and Carter is currently attending.

[8] Yes, the dog is named after Brad Paisley.

[9] And the iconic Olan Mills photos from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

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