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Fit For You Nashville

Originally written by Heather Clift for Live Laugh Love Nashville on 09/30/2017

After completing her undergrad at Vanderbilt, Kathy Mead returned home to Atlanta and worked in various offices but felt like something was missing. The athlete within knew she needed to get out and stretch her boundaries. She had been a certified exercise instructor for a long time and thought being a Strength Coach at a University would be a better fit to her passion as well as help others along the way.

Kathy reached out to a good friend who, at the time, was the head Strength and Conditioning at Vanderbilt for advice on breaking into the field. “You have to get your Master’s in Degree in Exercise and Training first.” She left Georgia once again, enrolled into MTSU’s graduate program, and has been a resident of Tennessee since.

Kathy was offered her current space from a friend who’d been using it as a personal training space. Fit For You Nashville, located at 1108 17th Avenue South, opened its doors in November 2015.

Current classes offered are led by extraordinary instructors specialized in their field. How about Full Body Flex, Tabata Training, or Buns - n - Guns? Combined with Kathy’s mantra for making fitness available for everyone and most importantly, fun, Fit For You Nashville eliminates the stress that can come with starting – or maintaining – a fitness regime.

With each of the six types of classes offered, sizes are kept to a maximum of ten people per class, it’s like getting a personal session. In addition, Kathy likes to meet individually with each client prior to participating in the first class to talk about exercise history, any current health issues, and goals. For those interested solely in personal training, Kathy can work with you in the studio or your home.

Kathy is a huge advocate of clean products for the skin as well as clean eating. There is a rolling clean eating challenge anyone can start at any time, each cycle starting on Mondays. She personally coaches each person wanting to make changes.

A native of the Atlanta suburbs, Kathy made her way up in gymnastics becoming a state vault champion. She humorously admits her inability to do the splits. “Power was more my jam, not the grace.” In her spare time, Kathy is an avid reader and enjoys riding bicycles with other women in her group, Nashville Local Cycling. She and her husband share their home with their two cats, Sadie and Moony.

Be sure to follow Fit For You Nashville on Facebook and Instagram. Did you know are three kinds of lunges? What hand placement in pushups will actually work all three muscle groups instead of just one? With informative videos and motivating quotes, you’ll be ready to sign up for your first session. Kathy and her team are ready to change your life.

The class schedule at Fit For You Nashville can be viewed on the website, as well as pricing options and other services.

Kathy Mead is an ACE Certified Health Coach and owner of Fit For You Nashville. She is also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine

Written by Heather Clift

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