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Home Panache

You’ll find Home Panache tucked into a nondescript block of stores, offices, and restaurants in the River Plantation subdivision in Bellevue. While it may not be in one of Nashville’s popular shopping districts, it is definitely worth your time to pay this charming home decor store a visit. Home Panache is filled with an ever-changing assortment of vintage and locally produced treasures. It is a great place to visit if you are looking for unique vintage, refreshed finds, or new products made by some of Nashville’s talented artisans.

Although relatively new to managing her own establishment, proprietor Annie Pickard has years of experience in the antique market. Her booths were fixtures of Middle Tennessee antique malls for years before the opportunity arose to collaborate with the previous occupants of that space in Bellevue. When they relocated to a larger space, Annie decided to stay and manage her own shop. She opened the doors of Home Panache in October of 2014 and loves the constant flow of curious customers and gently pre-owned treasures that pass through her shop.

Those gently pre-owned treasures are part of the allure of Home Panache. Like any good purveyor of antiques, Annie doesn’t share a lot of information about her sources. But she knows where to go to find just the right things to populate the many and varied shelves at Home Panache. You’ll find some of the farmhouse aesthetic that is all the rage these days but the selection is much broader. You’ll find some Asian influences on the shelves and maybe a bit of grandma’s attic and even some mid-century modern. Annie seeks out things that aren’t the kinds of things that you can find at the shop down the street or across town. And she succeeds.

In addition to the vintage finds, Home Panache has a growing selection of products made by Nashville artisans. Jewelry has been a very successful addition to their offerings. You’ll also find a variety of candles, soaps, and small decorative stained glass pieces. As a small business owner herself, Annie is committed to discovering and working with the small artisans to help them grow their businesses.

That commitment has lead to some interesting collaborations. One of Annie’s latest projects is her collaboration with a local candlemaker. Home Panache already carries her hand-crafted soy candles. But now the two are working together with Annie providing unique containers into which the candles are poured. Browsing the shelves at Home Panache you’ll find candles poured into antique juice glasses or a set of martini glass candles. You won’t find either of these at any other location in Nashville. and you will see more of them and collaborations like them at Home Panache


These candles sum up the selection at Home Panache. On any day you will find the best of Nashville’s vintage finds coupled with the produce of some of the newest local artisans. Not only do those varied treasures sit side by side on the shelves but they commingle in unique and interesting ways. This combination of the best of the old and the best of the new makes Home Panache unique among home decor stores in Nashville. It also makes it a place that you need to visit.

You’ll find them at 8333 Sawyer Brown Rd, Nashville, TN 37221 but don’t rely on Google to get you there. For some reason, Google Maps insists on locating the store on the wrong side of Highway 70S. So if you are navigating electronically, their neighbor’s address — 8321 Sawyer Brown Rd, Nashville, TN 37221 — will get you right next door. You can also find them on Facebook —

Written by: James Szuch

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