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Overcoming winter sniffles.

Almost every winter I find myself with a cold or at the very least a sore throat. Both of which are not severe enough to keep me bed ridden but are enough to make my day to day a struggle.

So if anyone else out there suffers from cold weather aches and pains, here are some of the ways that I combat them to get back on track asap.

A scratchy throat is the tell-tell sign for me that I am about to be ill. To try to minimize that discomfort as well as ward off any oncoming sickness I start with lots of fluids. I start off my self treatment with a shot of apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has many healing qualities but I take it for sore throats to kill off any bad bacteria that may

be lurking in my system. Now, because apple cider vinegar does not taste great I am sure to have some kind of chaser to follow.

Water is obviously great, but I like to take mine with Emergen-C or Airbourne, which are both vitamin supplements you pop into your water.

They are jam packed with vitamin C and start helping me feel better immediately. You can also pour them into a warm mug of water with a little local honey mixed in as a hot tea substitute.

Lastly, I like to wear a scarf when I sleep. It is an old Italian tradition in my family and it may sound crazy, but trust me it works. I prefer a thin linen scarf draped around my neck (I assume that it just helps keep your throat warm, thus minimizing discomfort from breathing in cold air…but I do not know the science behind the practice).

If you try the scarf route just make sure to keep it very very LOOSE. Please do not cut off your airways by falling asleep in a tightly wrapped scarf.

Written by Carmyn Isabella for Live Laugh Love Nashville

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