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Lighting the Way to Education

“...the mindset of giving back and contributing to something that is bigger than yourself.”

Wick + Wax Candle Co. is the result of that mindset. Madee Plant is currently a college student, but her passion of giving back is about to set the world on fire. With her studies firmly immersed in business, her dream of using the marketplace solely for a charitable good came to fruition March 2017.

In her kitchen apartment, Madee has created several proprietary blends of essential oils that give her candles a unique scent not found in mass produced candles available at most retailers. The best-seller is Southern Sweet Tea which comes in an adorable canning jar. “My grandmother has made sweet tea in Mason jars for as long as I can remember, and it seemed like a natural flavor to honor her,” Madee says.

Her passion and energy are tangible as she describes the importance of a candle's ingredients. As a long-time vegetarian, she was adamant animal products were not an option. Beeswax is commonly used in candle making but is often limited and not vegan. Instead she chose soy for its sustainability and abundance. She also sources her oils from a reputable online vendor. The end product is a clean, long burning candle packaged in simple glass jar with a subtle label; a seamless meld into any décor.

Here’s the shining light focused on Wick + Wax Candle Co.:

One hundred percent of the profits made are given directly to children’s education.

Madee’s philosophy is simple. Rather than providing a temporary solution to a problem, her company seeks out children’s charities to provide tools to last a lifetime. Because she firmly believes knowledge is power, she has made her mission to provide a means for access to an education regardless of a family’s financial situation. At the present time, Wick + Wax is working with several local charities in Nashville and currently seeking opportunities internationally.

Wick + Wax candles can be found at Gift Horse, just outside downtown Nashville as well as online. The website is stellar with clear navigation and phenomenal photos, courtesy of Hannah Neese. The specifics of each candle also highlight a fun and playful side that seem to give a little extra. Insider secret: the photography set used to photograph each candle was rigged by Madee and Hannah with a $2 pasteboard from the drugstore and her smartphone camera. 100% lit, indeed.

Given the nature and thought to create original candles poured in small-batches and to use sustainable products, Wick + Wax candles are affordable. Artisan candles can range in price points, but Wick + Wax price per candle is low, with the max price currently at $19 for a 9 oz. candle. When 100 percent of the profits are given directly to children’s education charitable fund, a little bit goes a long way to make a difference. The impact of what Madee has created with Wick + Wax Candle Co. will change the lives of so many who would otherwise not have the opportunity for a better education. Close your eyes and make a wish….

About the founder: Madee Plant is a Junior Operations and Supply Chain/ Corporate Marketing dual major currently attending Lipscomb University. She is a Tennessee native and grew up loving Jesus, sweet tea and all things business. Her hobbies include Netflix, decorating her apartment for any and all holidays, and traveling. The key to her heart is a great work ethic and Sour Patch Kids – especially the red ones. Find Wick + Wax online

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