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Music Monday Featured Artist - Cat Parks

-Cat Parks-

Cat Parks is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and model based out of Nashville Tennessee. As a Woman Empowerment advocate Cat plans to use her platform as a vehicle to inspire women across the world. With a determination to be a role model and spread her positive message, Cat says that she is on a mission to influence her generation in a positive way with everything she does, especially her music.

Cat Parks' debut album Cat Parks was released in April of this year (2017). The EP contains 6 amazing songs. Each track showcases her talents as a singer/song writer.

1.) Heartbreaker

2.) Fool

3.) Cigarette

4.) Sometimes

5.) Shotgun Rider

6.) Ready to Go

The downloadable album can be purchased at all major music outlets which includes; iTunes, Spotify and Amazon along with Shazam. Her music can also be heard on iHeart Radio.

Below is a short video titled The Cat Parks Project. Hear Cat and others talking about the album and Cat as a performer.

Cat Parks' debut music video from Cat Parks is the title track "Heartbreaker". The video is scheduled to drop November the 16, that's only 3 days from now. For a sneak peak of the video head over to her Facebook page. While there give the page a like.

Cat's interest in music started at the tender age of 12 when she started writing songs. She soon developed a passion for a variety of genres. Initially Cat's only interest was in song writing.

However her pure lyrics, that everyone could relate to, and unique vocal sound would soon catch the attention of her late stepfather. He knew Cat had an incredible ear for melodies and lyrics while also being a gifted song writer. Cat would later began producing her own music as well.

Her late stepfather instantly sign her as the First Lady of his independent label.

At age 16 she discovered her passion for performing and fell in love with being on stage and moved to Nashville in 2014.

Cat began performing with her band and has quickly began building a buzz. Once you she her perform you will understand why. Cat is one of the most dynamic and exciting new artists to hit the music scene.

In person Cat has a laid back personality and is soft-spoken but it is no doubt with her big hair, catchy lyrics and stage presence of a true rock star that Cat Parks is an entertainer by nature. With her incredible versatility Cat intrigues audiences of all types. Cat describes her original unique sound as “Funk Soul Rock and Roll”.

At this time Cat Parks has no scheduled tour dates as she is in the studio working on her next project and preparing to go on tour. Make sure you follow her on one of the below social media sites as not to miss Cat when she comes to a venue near you.

Cat has combined her music website with her blog. That's right the talent doesn't stop with being a gifted singer/songwriter she is also a great blogger. Cat writes about everything she is passionate about. Whether its Motivation, Beauty, or Hair Care tips. Also as mentioned above she is also a model. Her blog/website contains some stunning photographs of Cat.

Written by: Joseph Clay

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