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New Heights: The View Up There

New Heights: The View Up There

It seems simple when looked at from a broad perspective You see a perfect sunset. Your laughing child. The dog napping in a late afternoon sunbeam. You take out your smartphone or camera and push the button. Maybe the picture gets posted on Instagram tagged #nofilter. Or maybe you select a filter to give the mood more depth. Or run the photo through your favorite photo editing software.

However, have you thought about a photo from a different angle? About using something you can manipulate from the beginning of the photo by using the manual settings? What about from a drone, flying upwards of 400 feet?

White light. F-Stops. Aperture. Shutter speed. Knowing combinations for the subject matter can take a great photo to extraordinary. Using those combinations while flying a drone becomes all manner of spectacular.

Meet Michael Kemp. By day, he is the Market Quality Manager for Safelite AutoGlass. Referred to as “The Picture Guy” by his co-workers, he took his new hobby of flying drones to a whole new level. When Michael saw the amazing art that can be achieved from a different, new vantage point, it was as if he finally found his true creative calling.

He jokes that he’s reluctant to call himself a photographer because “that seems so professional.” Given the sheer beauty of Nashville that Michael has already captured, he’s certainly a photographer.

Michael admits he never leaves home without all of his gear for fear of losing the perfect shot. “Sunrises, sunsets, and long exposures are what I enjoy the most but nothing beats those shots of the Nashville skyline at night!”

His passion shines through as he takes advantage of the digital age we live in: “All I try to do is share with the social media world something in a way they have never seen before. In a time where everyone is caught up in the negative opinions and views of others and filling their minds with hate, I find great joy in capturing, editing, and sharing photos that I create. My hope is that while the person viewing my photo temporarily escapes reality and are guided into the content of that I share.” His excitement is contagious.

Currently, Michael is learning how to move from automatic mode maximize manual mode on a DLSR, pursuing his FAA certification (part 107), and talking/ learning with other local photographers. One day he hopes to get active in commercial aerial photography as a hobby which would then translate into a new career.

“I don’t see myself getting away from it, only growing in it,” he says.

Michael Kemps is a devoted family man. He lives in Nashville with his wife of eight years, and their daughter and three boys. He loves dogs saying, “Chihuahuas are my life.”

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