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Neon Moon

-Neon Moon-

“Meet Neon Moon, whose music will scratch all your twangy country itches.”

– [Source - Mother Church Pew]

News Flash – Neon Moon’s second single from the album 6:53 titled “Smoke” released October 4, 2017 made the top 10 of The Alternate Root’s top 10 songs of the week – [Source - The Alternate Root.]

This proves that the scent of love clings like “Smoke” to the clothes of Neon Moon.

The video for “Smoke” is scheduled to be released later this month. Make sure you check Neon Moon the official website often and subscribe to their YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss it.

Neon Moon is comprised of Josh and Noelle a husband and wife team. The two formed Neon Moon because of their love for songwriting. Josh and Noelle dedicated one year of their life to writing a new song every week and posting it on YouTube, which they titled Our52Songs. From this immersion into the crafting process, they discovered their deep love for the sounds of yesteryear’s country music.

Since the first single “If I Knew” accompanied by a video of the same title, things have taken off for Neon Moon. “If I Knew”, the video was a CMChat exclusively premiered music video which was shared over 390 times and currently has 60k+ YouTube views.

Neon Moon played WestHaven’s Porchfest on Lightning 100‘s sponsored stage. They also packed the house at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge for the 6:53 release show.

The album title 6:53, tells the story of how the album came about. After Neon Moon finished with their Our52Songs project, they didn’t stop.

Neon Moon began choosing their 5 favorite tracks from Our52Songs. Then the duo headed to Forty-One-Fifteen in historic East Nashville’s Inglewood neighborhood and started laying them down. This long process paid off with the birth of Neon Moon’s 6 song album, 6:53– named after the 52 song project plus 1 more they wrote and recorded later on to make 6 songs out of 53.

The album contains the following songs, all written by Neon Moon (Josh and Noelle). The song “Smoke” was written with Lacy Green.”

  1. “If I Knew”

  2. “Smoke”

  3. “Homewrecker”

  4. “Already Broken”

  5. “Something In The Water”

  6. “If We’re Being Honest”

Upon listening to the album you’ll hear a combination of sounds (Loretta Lynn, Fleetwood Mac and a sprinkle of early Dolly) creating this melting pot of modern-vintage twang.

The album 6:53 can be purchased from most major streaming sites. Live Laugh Love Nashville has included some of those sites below.

Neon Moon just came off a stretch of road gigs and their plan now is to stay home a bit and write until the start of the year and get back in the studio early 2018. So at this time Neon Moon has no upcoming tour dates.

Neon Moon the official website is always up to date, so make sure you check it often, they have a tour button in the menu. Their website is also packed with great information and a STORE where you can purchase the CD 6:53, T-Shirts and Stickers. Head on over and check it out.

Neon Moon (Josh and Noelle)

Q & A with Neon Moon

Sticking with the music side for a couple of questions, what is Neon Moon’s favorite venue to play here in Nashville?

“We like playing a lot of writer’s rounds, so the Listening Room would take the cake on that one. But playing with a full band we love the Basement!”

Is there any one artist Neon Moon would like sit and talk to, living or deceased, and pick their brain?

“I think having a conversation over tea with John Lennon (or any of the Beatles, for that matter) would be amazing. Also, getting to pick Dolly Parton's brain would be a real treat. She is an incredible songwriter, business woman, and just an all-around interesting person with a great story. I think we would have some good laughs.”

What does Neon Moon like to do when not on the road and in Nashville?

“In our down time we like to grill out on the back porch with our friends and pup Bowser, a good boy. When we go out it's typically for coffee at Bongo East, a drink at Mickey's or Dee's, or catching a show at The Basement East. We also like to drive out to Leiper's Fork and ride down back roads listening to music. It's just so beautiful down there!”

Would Neon Moon be considered dog or cat people?

“Doggos. But we don't discriminate, cats are cool too. We have a spoiled 8 year old German shepherd named Bowser. We celebrate his birthday every year by taking him out for ice cream on May 22nd. We actually put him in one of our songs on the record, "If We're Being Honest".

What is Neon Moons favorite food and where in Nashville do you love to dine out?

“Josh's favorite food would be my (Noelle's) homemade Lemon Bars, and I really love Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. If we're going out, our favorite places to eat are City House and Marsh House if we want something nice. Honestly though, our favorite is frozen margaritas at Las Fiestas Cafe for something chill... get it?”

What about sports? Do either of you have a favorite team?

“Nashville PREDATORRRRRRS! WE WANT THE CUP. Also, Josh is a Georgia boy- Falcons, Bulldogs, and Braves all the way. I cheer on the Denver Broncos (even before Peyton Manning).”

Where would be your perfect vacation spot?

“We took a trip to Europe a couple of years ago and it was amazing. Revisiting Italy (specifically eating pizza in Rome again) would be a dream.”

When not touring or in the studio what are some of Neon Moons hobbies or things y’all do to relax and unwind?

“To relax and unwind when we're not in the studio… Can happy hour be considered a hobby? We also enjoy hiking, binge watching Netflix shows, riding bikes, and frequenting TJ Maxx. Josh likes to go into Gruhn's and noodle around on guitars he can't afford.”

Photo Credit Mackenzie LaRoe

Yes Happy Hour is a hobby! To learn more about Neon Moon follow them on one of their social media sites below.

Written by: Joseph Clay

You can connect with Joseph on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. You can check out Joseph’s book trailer videos on his YouTube Channel.

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