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Lucky Box Guitars

After missing last week, we are excited to be back to our #FeatureFriday piece! Take a look at Lucky Box Guitars.

Lucky Box Guitars was founded in 2010 in Gallatin, TN by Tennessee native "Jonathan M. Greiner AKA "Jonathan James." Jonathan's work reflects the beauty and rhythm of many cultures, historical mile stones, American music and even more abroad, and includes some of the most Unique Folk/Artisan instruments of a wide variety.

As a young boy, John would preform in plays and musicals throughout his small town, he used to dream about building things such as toys, tree houses, instruments etc. to the point that he would drive his family nuts bringing home scraps of materials such as wood, rope, belts, and tools that he had been told not to "mess with."

Growing up in a house that was very music and drama oriented, John's family had what they needed for the most part, but there was no means to fund or support much of his growth artistically. So through his crafting and fumbling through the odds and ends that he came up with by means of wooden boxes, and sometimes tins, John was able to create something classic and something that might be a little odd. A few years ago, Jonathan was an Artist down on his luck, and needed to get some things rolling. He listened to what his friends, and other local artists were talking about, and decided to get back into the artistic side of building, and crafting. Jonathan began digging around, and doing some research to find something that he felt would be able to highlight all of his knowledge and experiences from his childhood, and that was the beginning of Lucky Box Guitars. When asked who inspired this beautiful work, Jonathan explained that his Grandfather AKA "Pee-Pa" James Author Jones still inspires him today and always will. He also finds inspiration in great artists, leaders and thinkers that just don't give up, and even in a few out right nut cases. His goal is to be able to use this knowledge to create something that will have it's own life and character; as well as, reflect the character and person that he is today.

Be sure to follow Lucky Box Guitars on Facebook, Instagram, and check him out on Raw Artist!

If you're out and about Nashville tonight please stop by Bourbon Street for this great event!

Or Check him out the weekend of June 1st at the Rust and Lace Barn Sale

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