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Meet Me at The Pharm - CBD Bath and Body

A few weeks ago, I receive a message from Tiffany asking me how I feel about CBD oil. I’m a vegetarian, so my mind went immediately to something processed from an animal. After a quick Google search, I answer her and think nothing about it. The next day, in a completely organic way, CBD comes up in a conversation. I chalked it up to coincidence and moved on. Tiffany introduces me to Marissa from The Pharm, and we start talking. I’m interested in all the things she’s telling me and get excited to meet her in person at the Nashville Flea Market.

Have you ever learned something new and suddenly you are seeing it everywhere? Some call it frequency illusion; however, the technical name is Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. That’s where I am now. A store in my town I pass several times a week has a huge banner advertising CDB oil. It’s now in my Facebook feed. It’s in my Google Ads.

I see it everywhere. But I can assure you one thing: Marissa and Carlos have earned a customer for life. I’m getting ahead of myself….

Let’s talk about Cannabidiol oil or CBD. For those of you laughing because you’re well-versed on the subject and can’t believe this vanilla, middle-aged mom of three is just now learning about it, feel free to skip down to the next section.

If there is anyone left, let’s take a look on what CBD oil IS and ISN’T. After many, many hours of reading and researching the far reaches of the Internet, this article breaks down the science. It is informative and neutral in its language. Here is the Clift notes version, (pun intended):

  • CBD is found primarily in hemp

  • CBD does not give a high

  • CBD is related to THC (primarily found in marijuana) in the way it works with the endocannabinoid system

  • CBD has been shown to help people with pain, appetite, mood, memory, and anxiety, and more

  • CBD oil is legal to purchase and use in Tennessee*

On their website, they explain what CBD is at its core, “Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring constituent of industrial hemp/cannabis. It is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is being scientifically investigated for various reasons.”

Meet The Pharm(ers)

Carlos and Marissa are the husband and wife team building an amazing business of healthcare essentials using CBD oil. The couple met while each were living in Clarksville. Carlos, an immigrant of Mexico, and stationed at Ft. Campbell and Marissa attending Austin Peay State University.  Both have made ultimate sacrifices - Carlos serving his time in the Army while Marissa has served as a surrogate mother.

Marissa’s sister is credited as being the person to start their journey of using CBD oil for therapeutic reasons. Living in Tennessee, using marijuana legally was not an option especially with Carlos’ career working in state corrections. He decided to try it for his arthritis pain and PTSD. CBD turned to be a legal and safe alternative for self-medicating. His quality of life has increased for the positive. Armed with personal experience and Marissa’s knack for online sales and customer service, it was time for them to launch their own brand.


Through a careful research and development phase, Carlos and Marissa have found the combinations they felt were of the most superior quality - something they were confident to put their names and reputations on.

In obtaining their CBD oil, they have three very specific list items that must be met: 1. Oil must be CO2 extracted.

When extracting the CBD oil from the hemp plant, some industries use alcohol or butane. Unfortunately, those components get left behind and make for a different finished product.

2. No THC

An experienced and knowledgeable supplier knows how to breed the THC completely out. By using those plants, a full spectrum oil can be produced. With the full spectrum not only do you get more CBD, but also CBDA, CDC and CBG.

3. Organic

Because pesticides are gross and probably shouldn’t be ingested.  

With the exception of their bath bombs, all of their products are vegan (psst, no animal testing!). Further, they look for sustainable, and of course, natural products. Nothing contains palm oil. If you look at any of the ingredient lists, you can recognize and pronounce them all.

Every product  is handmade, by them, in small batches. The oils and vape juice are made individually by bottle. The sugar scrub and body cream are made in 40 ounce batches.

The attention to detail is amazing. It takes a patient and committed person to make a product literally one bottle at a time.

Using the Phroducts

On the day I met Carlos and Marissa at the flea market, I was able sample anything they had on display. I chose to sample two things: flavored oil and body creme.

The flavored oil- root beer- was smooth and clean-tasting. It didn’t leave a film or funny aftertaste.

For the body creme, I chose one called “The Next Episode” (Any Dr. Dre or Snoop Dog fans?). The scent is a blend of Mahogany and Teakwood, and I could not resist it.

This is where things got interesting…. I have a form of arthritis forming in my right hand. It is painful and makes some everyday tasks harder to complete. I obtain my sample and concentrate on the more tender parts of my hand.

Beyond the amazing blend of scent, the creme is luxurious. Marissa tells me their cremes are made with shea butter, aloe, silk amino acids, sunflower oil, coconut oil and full-spectrum CBD oil.

A couple of hours after I’d met with Marissa and Carlos, I notice my hand isn’t hurting at all. I move it a couple of times, flexing the fingers. I seem to have more mobility. I definitely have less pain. As time the day continued, and eventually I wash my hands, I notice how soft my hands still feel. While I definitely am a fan of the creme, I chalk my decreased pain and flexibility up to a placebo effect. However, it would seem there was no placebo. Marissa had responded to the questions I emailed her. It’s nothing short of remarkable:

When starting a regimen using CBD oil, how long can one expect to see results?

The great thing about CBD is that it’s something you can feel almost immediately or within a few minutes depending on how you’re taking it. The vape juice works almost immediately; the oral oil 2-5 minutes; and the creme within 5-10.

You should expect to see results for 2-4 hours depending on the dose, and your body weight. See what I meant earlier? I’ll be a customer for life.

The Phuture

Carlos and Marissa are as charming face-to-face as they are online. They’ve taken their knowledge, their principles, and a commitment to build an amazing brand they are proud to have their name on.

They are also parents to a sweet two-year-old and have chosen the Nashville area/Middle Tennessee as their forever home. Marissa says, “Our favorite thing about Nashville is how hospitable and accepting its people are. Even though it’s a booming, fast-growing city, it still maintains that southern feel to it, and it accepts change well. Nashville is a very exciting city to be a new entrepreneur!"

The future looks bright for this couple. When asked where they see themselves in five years, the response came fast and without thought, “We hope to expand our product line and collections as well as grow and reach new customers in the Middle Tennessee area and the whole nation. We hope to expand our brand while educating people about CBD and its benefits.”

Check out their website, to see a complete inventory of the products they offer. They have named their products and collections in a specifically creative way I’ve not seen. You’ll have to see it for yourself. Also, for the readers of Live Laugh Love Nashville, Carlos and Marissa have offered a coupon code LiveLaughLove for 15% off your purchase. 

Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

We at Live Laugh Love Nashville would like to extend a special thank you to Carlos and Marissa for everything you’ve done for us. You’ve been a huge supporter for our blog and what we hope to accomplish. It is people like you that make Nashville great and we are proud to feature you here. We don’t mince words, and we mean what we say. Thank you, again.

*Note: There are legalities that go with CDB oil. If you are outside the Nashville/Tennessee area, you will need to check on the specifics of your area.

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