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Spring Cleaning You

Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up your living space and get rid of junk, however, this week I would like to challenge you to spring clean YOU. Do this by revamping yourself physically and mentally.

First we'll tackle the physical "cleaning". Set goals for yourself whether it's to run a mile faster or just to walk for 30 minutes a day decide on what is best for you and commit! Lots of work places in Nashville are taking fitness initiatives and now is a great time to talk to your management about implementing weekly yoga or a walking group. But physical cleaning isn't just about working out, it's also about treating yourself. Go get that hair cut or those new pair of shoes you have been wanting. If you don't think you look good on the outside you won't feel your best on the inside - I would know I just got a hair cut and I am more confident and ready to face whatever the day throws at me.

Next to take care of what's inside. Flex your mind through daily devotionals or podcasts. Challenge yourself to learn something new daily or weekly to get the mental juices flowing and to ditch the mental clutter. For me listening to podcasts or setting time out daily especially helps me to unwind and sharpen my focus.

Written by Carmyn Isabella for Live Laugh Love Nashville

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