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Healthy Grocery Store Options

If you are into eating healthy, you know how tricky shopping can be. There are new “miracle” products what seems like every single week and grocery stores are overwhelmingly full of choices. While I have so many new favorites, here are my current top 5. Looking at the list below, the products seem random, but I use each of them daily. Hope y’all enjoy!

I stumbled across Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides this summer and was honestly unsure if it would live up to

the hype, but nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. I was instantly hooked. I noticed a difference in my hair,

skin, and nails and could even feel a difference in my knees. Because it is flavorless, it is an easy to addition to smoothies, coffee, hot tea, etcetera. They now have a bone broth version and creamers as well, which I cannot wait to try.

2. MCT Oil

After purchasing Simply Keto, I noticed MCT oil was a popular ingredient, so I naturally purchased it and began adding it to my daily iced coffee and using it as a salad dressing along with a little bit of lemon juice! MCT Oil or medium- chain triglyceride oils help with maintaining a healthy weight, reduce stored body fat because they raise your metabolic function, provide you with more energy, help you think more clearly, aid in digestion, balance hormone levels, improve mood, fight bacterial infections and viruses, and much more! Definitely worth a try.

Since I make egg whites and egg cups almost every day, I was looking for a great seasoning. I am not a salt or pepper person at all, so I wanted something that would be versatile, yet add a little spark to plain egg whites. Trader Joes has everything, so naturally they had what I was looking for. Everything but the bagel seasoning. Trust me, it is wonderful. I use it on eggs and avocado and absolutely love it.

Protein powder is another product I always keep on hand, because it is a great addition to smoothies and definitely keeps me full longer. I recommend Garden of Life, because I think it is less grainy and powdery than some others I have tried.

If you are anything like me, you always keep a snack in your purse for emergency purposes! The three I currently keep on hand are Epic Bars (chicken sriracha or bison cranberry), Rx Bars (dark chocolate sea salt or peanut butter chocolate— both also satisfy that sweet craving!), and Justin’s single serve almond butter packets. All three are great sources of protein, contain minimal ingredients, and are easy to keep in your purse or at your desk.

Written by Amanda Dreher for Live Laugh Love Nashville

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