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Running Alternative: Rowing

As expressed in previous posts, I am not one for cardio, especially running. However, I have found that rowing is a great cardio activity that I surprisingly enjoy and I thought you might too!

Using a rowing machine works your upper and lower body while promoting your stamina and kicking up fat burning. It is also lower impact on your knees and other joints than running. Additionally rowing machines can be purchased and easily used at home for maximum convenience (so no excuses!). On the less expensive end, they cost about $100-$200 which is much less than annual memberships at most gyms around Nashville. Some rowing machine work outs to try are: 2 kilometer distance at 7-8 minutes 5 kilometer distance at 18-20 minutes 10 kilometer distance under 40 minutes (This workout is one of my brothers favorites who was a competitive rower) I will definitely be rowing my way through this week and into next as I prep for all the King Cake and other Mardi Gras treats I am about to eat!

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