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Detox waters

A lot of us are trying to carry out new years resolutions that involve fitness/health. I have found that a great way to to help me reach my wellness goals is by including detox water in my day to day.

Detox waters are easy to incorporate, relatively inexpensive and taste great. They help flush out toxins in your system. Some of them are even supposed to help burn fat and fight off cancer.

Detox waters consist of fruit (or fruit peel) chopped up and put into water. Let the fruit stay in the water from anywhere from an hour to over night.

In the winter we typically drink lemon water. To make lemon detox water cut up lemons, freeze some of the slices for later and put the rest in water and let sit. You can also do this with the peel. According to some recent studies the peel may be the most beneficial part.

You can also add ginger, cucumber, chili powder, aloe vera gel, mint leaves and/or orange slices.

In the spring/summer months you can make detox water with berries, grapefruit, pineapple, cucumber, watermelon, pears, kiwis and apples.

I would also recommend getting your fresh and local produce on Highway 70 near the JCC at the fruit stand or the farmers market on every third Monday!

Written by Carmyn Isabella

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