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Winter Wellness Expo and Job Fair!

This post is a little different than my usual posts but I have recently found out about an expo/job fair that is coming up and I wanted to share!

Nashville, TN - On January 27, 2018, the Winter Wellness Expo and Job Fair - For Women will be heard at The Scarritt Bennett Center from 10-6 pm. This Expo prizes from local business owners; inspirational speakers on mental health, relationships, and starting a business; and will have fitness classes being taught there!

If that was not enough there will also be a job fair with a variety of employers in the health and wellness field.

This expo combines two of my favorite things health and working … you may wonder why working is one of my favs right now, but ya girl just finished an eight month long job search and I am ecstatic about being back at work!

The Winter Wellness Expo and Job Fair is being put on by Crown Events for women who are wanting to be healthy and employed! They are having a ton of great workout coaches and facility reps come by and talk about their different programs and teach some of their workouts.

The range of talent at this event is all across the spectrum from yogis and dance instructors to retired Army Special Forces veterans teaching you how to parkour your way through an obstacle course. Trainers who will be there (followed but what they will be teaching) include Mila Hooper (Twerkout instructor), Joyce Watts (bootcamp instructor), Kevin Bazile (strength and conditioning coach), Peggy Ray (interval training coach at Orange Theory Fitness), Jamal Hutchin (yoga instructor), Storm Sims (obstacle course racing coach), Evelyn Wilson (zumba, hip hop, and dance fitness instructor), Andrew DeAnda (Camp Gladiator instructor).

Shatona Kilgore-Groves, founder of Crown Events, said “Every year we make goals to be healthier than the year before, and this Expo gives women resources to follow through with those plans. It is a safe environment to grow financially, mentally, and fashionably with the various opportunities this event provides. Crown Events’ Winter Wellness Expo is different than any you have seen before because of the diverse audience of employers and attendees. It is truly an unmatched event!”

So if you are like me and your new years resolution was to get a new career and get in shape, I would highly recommend this expo!

Written by: Carmyn Isabella

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