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Working out on the go

The holidays are upon us and this time of the year is associated with lots of travel and big meals.

To combat some of the health problems that come hand and hand with these holiday traditions we started up suspension workouts.

Besides weight gain from the over eating that tends to happen during holiday meals, blog clotting and misalignment of your hips and spine are serious concerns associated with long car rides.

You can take your suspension workout system anywhere which is perfect for all of the traveling we are doing between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Suspension workouts involve utilizing body weight support system comprised of adjustable straps anchored to a bar, wall or door. Furthermore, you only need a very small space to workout using this method (we do ours in our fairly narrow hallway).

We like to do suspension stretches before and after our trip. It helps blood flow to prevent blood clots.

Bodyweight workouts are also a safe way to evenly strengthen your back and core. Strong back and core muscles are essential to keeping your spine and hips aligned.

We use TRX brand equipment, its durable and comes with online workouts and its own app. There are many other great brands out there for suspension equipment as well as other apps you can use for free.

Written by Carmyn Isabella for Live Laugh Love Nashville

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