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Amelia Eisenhauer - Southern Illinois – American Idol - Nashville

Originally published by Live Laugh Love Nashville on 05/29/17

Amelia Eisenhauer has arrived.

[Photographer: Jason Dodson, Stylist: Carolyn Bryant, Makeup Artist: Caley Caldwell]

Amelia Eisenhauer is a fiddle player, multi-instrumentalist and Blues/Americana vocalist who brings her unique brand of magic to every stage she graces.

Amelia Eisenhauer is a recording artist and songwriter from Southern Illinois. Amelia made her national debut on American Idol XV the Farewell Season where she wowed the judges with her voice they described as "soulful potency". She was eliminated in the Semi-Finals. Her duet with Kellie Pickler was enjoyed by the television audience as well as the judges and showcased her talent as a fiddle player.

Watch Amelia and Kellie perform “Suds in a Bucket” by Sara Evans.

Amelia list her musical influences as Goo Goo Dolls, Alison Krauss, Nickle Creek and John Cougar Mellencamp along with Sheryl Crow, Guns N’ Roses and Miranda Lambert. She rounds the list out with Lady Gaga, Creed, Evanesence and Civil Wars.

Amelia loves playing to big crowds, but talking to people makes her nervous. While on stage playing with her band she is surrounded by family as her band includes Bryan Ward, Chris Speich, and Rhonda Eisenhauer, along with Andy Eisenhauer, Mark Yacovone, and Michael Webb.

Below is what Amelia has to say about herself and her music.

“It took three years to write and record Fortune Cookie, four years to graduate high school and what seems like a lifetime to figure out who I am, and even now I don't feel like I'm there. One of the best things I ever did was go back and finish high school After American Idol. If there's one thing I have learned through it all, above all I am a musician. I love to sing and write but the music itself is where my passion is. Before Idol and before my senior year, I didn't really have very much to say. Now, with the help of espresso from fido's, I can't seem to shut up. I've tried other things like academics and sports but all roads lead me back to my first love, music. I learned to play long before I learned to sing. Nothing speaks to my soul the way music does. Graduating high school is proving to be yet another major transition in life. The burning questions I keep asking, and avoiding to answer, is where am I going to college? What do I plan to do for a "real job"? I always feel like the clock is ticking, a sense of urgency to have my future all figured out when all I really need to do is allow myself the time to keep growing. Why am I always in a hurry to have all the answers if life when life is supposed to be a journey? I don't know. All I know is, music fulfills me like nothing else can, so that's where I'm going. – Amelia” [Source Amelia Eisenhauer Official Website]

Fortune cookie is Amelia Eisenhaure’s first original album and contains the 13 songs listed below and can be purchased on iTunes.


“Moth or Butterfly”

“What Your Mother Told You”

“Fly Me to the Moon”

Black Dog

“Pistol Pete”



“Life Is Not as Sweet”

“Lions Mouth”


“Taste Like Wine”

“Damn Good Year”

Two of the songs from Fortune Cookie “Lucky” and “Black Dog” are featured on the sound track of A Short History of Drugs in the Valley.

[Photographer: John Penden]

Show dates are in the works! To make sure you don’t miss seeing Amelia live follow her on one of the below social media sites and check her official website often, the shows or listed there on the home page.

[Photographer: Jason Dodson, Stylist: Carolyn Bryant, Makeup Artist: Caley Caldwell]

Amelia is a cat-lady and has a rescued Siamese, named Abra. Abra is her best friend and is a great snuggle buddy.

Amelia’s favorite food is pasta or anything Italian. Since she hates anything carbonated her favorite drink is sweet tea. Amelia is also a chocolate enthusiast.

Amelia is a talented artist and creates some amazing drawings when time allows. Her other hobbies include makeup/cosmetics and sports cars. Amelia loves both but makeup is her main hobby. When it comes to video games Amelia plays everything from Call of Duty to Dota 2.

Amelia is 2017 Graduate. When I ask her what her favorite and least favorite subject s were she replied.

“My least favorite subject was math, because I'm bad at it, and my favorite was English! I love to write so this class was always the most fun for me.”

Written 5-28-2017 by Joseph Clay for Live Laugh Love Nashville - Music Monday Feature.

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