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Best winter oatmeal recipes.

Oatmeal is an healthy and warm breakfast for chilly winter mornings. Oats also have many health benefits.

Oats are whole grain, are gluten free and are a good source of fiber. They also are packed full of vitamins (including Zinc which is an excellent cold fighter - important in the cold weather months). Furthermore, oats help to keep you full and can promote weight loss.

So to get you through the brisk winter mornings here are some of my favorite oat recipes!

I like to use steel cut oats (just personal preference), milk, and butter/ghee as a base in all of my recipes.

Our basic recipe we eat religiously is the above mentioned ingredients, with honey and a little cinnamon or dark chocolate chips.

You can also add fruit for a flavor and vitamin boost. Some of my favorites are strawberries, apples, blueberries, black berries and bananas.

Now, sweet oats are great, but sometimes we prep them savory - this is usually more of a dinner dish in our household. For savory oats we add olive oil, onion, green onion, garlic, mushrooms, cilantro, sea salt, black pepper, and cheese (usually parmesan or mozzarella).

So next time you are feeling cold warm up with a hot bowl of oats this winter!

Written by: Carmyn Isabella

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