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Landon Wall - Singer/Songwriter & Musician

Originally published on 5/21/2017 by Live Laugh Love Nashville

News Flash: Landon Wall has been nominated for the Carolina Music Awards in the youth category. The Carolina Music Awards allows the fans of the artist to cast ballots. Below is the link to cast your vote for Landon Wall.

Below is what Landon had to say about the honor of being nominated.

“I want to thank all of you for believing in me and supporting my music...You made this possible and I want you to know how incredible you are and how much I appreciate you…”

[Excerpt from Landon Wall Musician Facebook 5-17-2017 post.]

Landon Wall is a professional musician, singer/songwriter from Trinity, North Carolina. Landon has loved singing all of his life. His parents bought him his first guitar for Christmas when he was six years old. His dad taught him a few chords so Landon could play a song that he really wanted to play. At the age of seven, Landon walked into a music store and asked if he could take guitar lessons. When their music teacher told him that he was too young and to come back in a couple years... it fueled his desire to learn even more. A few months later, Landon returned to that music store. He walked over to their selection of guitars selected one and began to play.

Since that day, Landon has continued to grow as a musician/artist. He's had the opportunity to perform in Nashville, Tennessee’s world famous venues that include:

  • Bluebird Café

  • Tootsies

  • Commodore Grille

  • The Nashville Palace

  • John A's

  • Rippy's

  • Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville

Landon has also played venues in South Carolina:

  • Landon has performed in conjunction with the Mini Starz on the Legends In Concert stage in Myrtle Beach

  • The Carolina Opry

  • Carolina Country Music Fest with Country Artist, Hunter Hayes.

Landon has been the subject of articles and interviews on such media outlets as SiriusXM - The Highway, and iHeart Radio along with Rolling Stone Magazine, Taste of Country and One Country plus others. They all agree, like you will once you hear Landon’s voice, Landon Wall is going places.

I asked Landon who some of his favorite artists were.

“I have a lot of favorites... artist like Chris Young, Hunter Hayes, Luke Combs, Kane Brown, Josh Turner, and Kip Moore. I'm a big fan of Blues and Country so I love it when those two sounds come together through artist like Chris Stapleton and Drake White.” [Bloggers note: I omitted the Mr. in front of the names. Landon is polite and was raised to respect his elders. When he gave me the list each name above had the mister before it.]

The song that has brought all this attention to Landon Wall is his single “Lost Boy”. Written by Landon and his dad and performed by Landon. The song is in response to the hit “Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini. Landon shared with me how “Lost Boy” came about.

“Well, me and my dad were driving down the road and Ms. Kelsea Ballerini's song, "Peter Pan" came on the radio. We were thinkin’... I wonder what Peter Pan's side of the story would we started writing, "Lost Boy."

“Lost Boy” is not the only song Landon Wall has for your listening enjoyment and/or purchase. His other songs include:

“Small Town Love”

“Big Show”

“One Horse Town”

“Christmas in My Heart”

“Love Notes”

You can listen to and purchase the above tunes at


Landon Wall’s music can also be purchased from these sites:

Spotify (“Lost Boy” and “Small Town Love” Singles Only)

As Landon was wrapping up a performance of “Lost Boy” here in Nashville at The Bluebird Café, none other than Kelsea Ballerini emerged from the audience. Landon explains that moment and the circumstances that led up to it.

“Ms. Kelsea had seen my song on YouTube and she sent a tweet saying, ‘Oh My Heavens Landon, this is brilliant... come to a show and let me hug you.’ Well, when I got that tweet I was in Myrtle Beach for a show and Ms. Kelsea was in Nashville. Then Ms. Kelsea left Nashville heading for a show in Myrtle Beach and at the same time I had to leave Myrtle Beach to be in Nashville for a show so we missed each other. Well...I was still in Nashville when Ms. Kelsea got back so I sent her a tweet saying, "Hey Ms. Kelsea, I'm gonna be singing, "Lost Boy" at The Bluebird Cafe tonight... just in case you don't have any plans..." Well I was at The Blue Bird that night and I had just finished "Lost Boy" when I noticed Ms. Kelsea coming from the back. She came to The Bluebird to surprise me and had been hiding in the back the whole time. She walked up and said, "Landon, if you get to sing the response ... then I get to do my song." and gave me a big smile and asked if she could borrow my guitar. She sang her song "Peter Pan". She's so AWESOME and it was an AMAZING night. There's a video on my YouTube channel of the whole thing. You can see how surprised I was by the look on my face in the video!”

Landon Wall has several shows coming up in the triad area of North Carolina, but will be back in the Nashville area in June for a benefit show.

  • Wednesday June 21, 2017 – Hendersonville, Tennessee - Holder Family Fun Center - Alzheimer's Benefit. [Location of Holder Family Fun Center - 460 West Main Street, Hendersonville, Tennessee.]

  • Wednesday July 12 – Saturday July 15, 2017 - Syracuse, New York area with Savannah Harmon.

To make sure you don’t miss one of Landon Wall’s shows and to learn more about him connect with Landon on all of his social media sites and website. Live Laugh Love Nashville has also provided them here.

Landon also enjoys acting and has appeared in various theatre productions, commercials, television series and films. To learn more about those visit his IDMb link.

Landon may be a teenager who is a rising star with a hectic schedule but he always has time for the most awesome dog in the world, Roscoe P. Gravytrain, proudly pictured above. Roscoe is part Husky and Lab and all Landon’s. Landon also likes hanging out with his friends when possible.

Landon one day would like to get his pilot’s license. Although he doesn’t play a lot of video games, he does enjoy flight simulator games along with Madden Football and racing games. Speaking of football his favorite sport team without a doubt is The Carolina Panthers.

Organized and team sports are hard for Landon to participate in with his traveling schedule but he started Taekwondo when he was eight and earned his Black Belt when he was twelve.

Being a teenager along with the traveling and working on your kata’s can make one hungry. Some of Landon’s favorite foods include Fried Chicken, Cheeseburgers, Pizza and nothing beats momma's Chicken Ranch Casserole.

When it is time to hit the books to study for a test or do homework Landon; like all of us has a least favorite subject and a favorite. I was curious as to what they were so I asked. His least favorite subject is math and his favorite Literature/Reading.

Written 5-21-2017 by Joseph Clay for Live Laugh Love Nashville - Music Monday Feature.

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