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Stretching Through the Winter

Stretching is a vital part of any work out routine. I personally like to do a series of warmup and cool down stretches before and after my workouts.

Stretching during the winter is especially important if you are planning on exercising outside. The cold weather tightens muscles and strains mobility. In turn this can cause problems for your joints and muscles.

Recently, I have tried some ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day) put together by the CrossFit community. It involves holding, for extended periods of time, some basic stretches combined with a variety of yoga moves (think lunges, downward facing dog, pigeon etc.).

As it’s name suggests, the purpose of these stretches are to increase range of motion, something that is often compromised when lifting heavy weight. I have found that it has not only increased my range of motion but also done great work to alleviate any soreness I may have earned from a previous workout.

Furthermore you can do these stretches at the gym or at your home (which I think is great). The site has several workout videos on their site and even offer a daily program that you can follow.

If you are not so sure about your stretching abilities or just want some people to ROMWOD with you can head on over to a local Crossfit gym, there are quite a few in Nashville. Either way, don’t forget to stretch!

Written by Carmyn Isabella for Live Laugh Love Nashville

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