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Music Monday Featured Artist - Alex Lagos

- Alex Lagos -

Alex Lagos is a singer/songwriter/producer hailing from the small-town of Wrentham, Massachusetts and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

What started as a rap experiment has evolved into something much more, and it looks to be ever-growing as Alex handles all of his own production, writing, recording, and engineering.

This is why it's clear to see a progression towards earning Alex the label of a musical "renaissance man".

Having laid a sturdy foundation to build upon by fusing together elements from influences such as Jon Bellion and countless others, Alex is settling into the barely-populated genre of hip-pop. Alex is blending positive pop instrumentation with hip-hop rooted percussion and effects, quickly developing a unique sound to call his own as he continues to mature.

The Music of Alex Lagos

Alex Lagos is currently working on a project he started earlier this year. The project showcases his many talents and puts a smile on the faces of his fanbase every month.

Alex named this project #12for12.

#12for12 is a year long endeavor releasing one song for each month of the year with a visual to accompany each record. All the songs can be streamed/downloaded on iTunes, Spotify and Tidal as well as Google Play, Amazon Music, and others.

Alex has 3 albums under his belt.

Alex Lagos released his first album on New Year's Day of 2015 titled The Dormtape. This album was a true mix-tape in every sense of the word. The 20-track project consisted of mostly remixes, but featured 6 originals with which Alex also made his producing debut. The Dormtape charted Top 25 on Audiomack!

After The Dormtape Alex Lagos immediately began working on his next project aiming for a more "album-esque" feel.

The result was and an album titled Inside Out. With this release, Alex started developing a unique sound to call his own by blending positive and often cinematic pop instrumentation with hip-hop rooted percussion and effects.

Alex's latest release titled Human EP dropped in the Fall of 2016. This 7-track compilation is a matured continuation of the ideas and concepts that came from Inside Out while presenting itself as a brightly-colored soundscape to match the warm sunset depicted on the artwork.

1. IDK - ft Jon Bellion

2. Homesick

3. Foreign Affair

4. I Don't Mind

5. Eyes Up

6. Spirit Come

7. Up All Night

To Learn more about Alex Lagos visit his Official Website where you will find links to all the sites to stream/download and purchase Alex's music. You can also find all the links to connect with him on social media.

Alex included in his text to Live Laugh Love Nashville he uses Instagram the most. Alex also can be found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube along with others. Check out his Official Website and/or his label Eyes Up Entertainment for those links.

Written by: Joseph Clay

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