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"Scheming lyrics, driving beats, cocky guitar parts, and an energy that can be felt half a world away. It’s all on display here and it’s just fantastic." (Doug Nunnally, Sound Gaze, March 2016)

NEWS ALERT In Spring 2018, VOLK will release their sophomore EP, Average American Band, on Romanus Records promising even more heartbreaking and earth quaking sonic bedlam. Tour dates to be announced.

What happens when a Californian and a Texan meet in Berlin, Germany?

You get VOLK!

That's right, VOLK. Also known as the dynamic duo, VOLK ran into each other while performing, separately, at open mike nights in Berlin Germany. Chris Lowe is from Texas and was in Berlin teaching, Eleot was there for theater.

From that chance encounter VOLK was born.

VOLK is the crusade of two American storytellers carving out their own place with back-to-basics Rock n Roll. Their music will draw you to the edge of your seat and then yank you up to stomp and holler on the dance floor.

VOLK roars with a of mix high-octane Rock n Roll, classic Country swagger, and heart shattering Soul. A VOLK show radiates with Eleot’s and Chris’ raw energy, showmanship, and wide range of musical influences. Some of those influences include; Big Mama Thornton, Townes Van Zandt and Ennio Morricone.

Lucky for us in the states, VOLK, after cutting their teeth in the smoky, dim-lit bars of Europe, decided to bring their music home to the US in Spring 2016 and make Nashville their home.

Their first release, Boutique Western Swing Compositions (March 2015) combines honest, vivid songwriting with raw, unfiltered emotion. The record contains four tracks.

  1. "Simple Western Song"

  2. "Just Anybody"

  3. "Revelators Bottleneck"

  4. "Like a Fool"

To purchase Boutique Western Swing Compositions head on over to bandcamp. You can purchase the Maxi Single in several different formats ranging from $4.00 - $10.00. The sound quality is superb as all of these tracks were recorded live in studio to 2" reel tape, mixed analog, and mastered analog. These tracks have been mastered for digital use.

Since settling in Music City USA, VOLK headed out on an extensive tour in 2017 showcasing their mix of honest songwriting with frenetic sonic emotions putting on one hell of a show for those they came out to see them.

VOLK has opened for such acts as Royal Thunder, Diarrhea Planet and Shooter Jennings. They also opened for Mayeux and Broussard, The Ghost Wolves and Brother Oh Brother. The list doesn't stop there the others they have opened for include, CATL and John Evans.

VOLK didn't only play here in Nashville and the state of Tennessee. The tour took them to Georgia, Texas, Indiana and as far north as Toronto. Other stops included South and North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio along with Alabama.

The venues VOLK played included the Great Music Fest in Beaumont, Texas, Growlers in Memphis, Tennessee and Crying Wolf here in Nashville.

VOLK has no more tour dates at this time, but that may change so make sure to visit their Official Website regularly, just click on the LIVE tab in the menu.

To see past live performances of their songs from the Maxi Single Boutique Western Swing Compositions and cover songs visit their YouTube Page.

Below are all the links for VOLK to make sure you don't miss the upcoming release of Average American Band, tour dates and other upcoming events.

VOLK's Social Media sites.

VOLK'S music can be purchase at bandcamp.

Written by: Joseph Clay

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